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[challenge] rarely written ▵ dear author

likes: i love introspective fic, female friendship, ust (but only if it's resolved at the end), pining, angst with a happy ending, banter, i have a major jealousy/possessive kink but not to the point where it's unhealthy, found families, casefic, tropes (just about all of them tbh), pretend relationship. in terms of more ~sexual things, i like frotting, sex up against the wall, cunnilingus, blow jobs, mutual masturbation, phone sex, semi-public sex (like in a dressing room or somewhere you could get easily caught), biting, partially clothed sex, praise kink.
dislikes/squicks: not canon major character death, underage sex if there's a particulary large age difference, dub/non-con, heavy kinks (honestly i like my sex pretty vanilla as far as things so), gratioutis violence/horror/gore, infidelity, character bashing, established relationship (i just prefer seeing them get together!).

faking it.
lauren is my favorite character on the show and probably one of my favorite characters of all time. anything about her would be absolutely wonderful. i'd love to see some introspective fic about her, if possible. when did she first find out she was intersex? how did she handle it? how did her father handle it and what influence did that have on her? i love the relationship between her and amy (as just step-sisters or as something more) as well as the dynamic with farrah and her father. i'd also be interested in seeing how she's doing since the theo reveal, as he's the first guy she's told who didn't immediately run away screaming, but then ended up just being another person who has betrayed her.

as for reagan, you have total and complete free range. we don't know that much about her, so feel free to come with a long, drawn out backstory, i'd love to know one. gen or reagan/amy, whatever you please.

bomb girls.
gladys is my favorite and i want all of the fic about her. but then, i want all the fic for all the girls of this show. i love gladys and betty's relationship, as well as betty and kate's. one of my favorite things about the show is all of the girls and their dynamic as a unit, so anything inolving that would be lovely.

britta is one of my favorite characters of all time and i will forever be bitter about her treatment on the show post season one. i'd love some fic of her during the first season or even precanon (her time in new york, her time in the peace corps, some of the countries she's visited, anything). my only britta ship is britta/jeff but gen is 100% okay with me.

brooklyn nine-nine.
i love everyone in this show an insane amount, especially the ladies. i'd love the three of them of reluctantly becoming good friends with each other one on one and then merging into a trio. for example, the store rosa buys her favorite combat boots at stops selling them and she has to call up gina, because if anyone knows how to navigate shopping, it's her. gina asking amy over to help her organize her apartment because she doesn't have any space for the new waterbed she's ordered. amy and rosa working together on a case with an old misogynistic perp that amy has to hold back rosa from killing but she tears him a new one (with her words!) while rosa hovers intimidatingly. all three of them having a ladies night at gina's insistence because there's only so much charles/jake a girl can take. something along those lines.

i'd also love absolutely anything about sophia. seriously, anything.

this is another one where i'd love absolutely anything at all. juliet also falls into that "favorite female characters of all time" category i seem to have going here. i love absolutely everything about her and would love any and everything. my juliet otp is sawyer/juliet but i enjoy her dynamic with jack as well.

i'd love more of a backstory for either of these two. i'd love to know more about mal, how she met cobb, how she first got involved in the business, her relationship with arthur, anything. i'd love more on ariadne as well, pre or post canon. i ship mal/cobb, ariadne/cobb, and ariadne/fischer, but as always, gen is 100% okay.

these are, of course, just suggestions/ideas in case you were feeling stuck, feel free to write whatever you like. i'm sure i'll love it no matter what.

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